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Cypress Hemp Full Spectrum CBD + OMEGAS™ Softgels - 30ct 900mg

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Cypress Hemp's Full Spectrum CBD+OMEGAS Softgels offer all the same benefits of our incredibly popular Full Spectrum CBD+OMEGAS Oil in a convenient, consistent dose of 30mg/softgel!

Formulated to maximize the health benefits of hemp in its most natural and raw form, our Full Spectrum CBD+OMEGAS™ Softgels provide a robust cannabinoid profile including THC, CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDa, and CBDv. Organic hemp seed oil as the carrier oil provides a sustainable, plant-based source of omegas in the ideal nutritional ratio of 3:1, further contributing to the efficacy of our hemp tinctures.

Ingredients (shake well): Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Hemp Extract, Gelatin Capsule

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