Big Shot Torch
The Big Shot Butane Refillable Turbo Torch is the newest addition to the growing Blazer Products line of dual use torches, specifically designed for use in a wide range of applications in both the industrial and retail hand tool markets. The Big Shot feat
Flexible Turbo Torch
This new addition to the Big Buddy family of torches features the same powerful 2500F wind resistant torch flame, a large butane refillable tank, and all the quality and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Blazer Products since 1985.

The Flexible
Vector Butane
Vector® Formula-14 Butane Gas Refills are specially formulated and cold-filtered through a 14 step process for Maximum Purity.
Tube Bag
Perfect bag to hold and transport your glass tube. Built in pocket on the side. Comes in the color green
Special Blue Torch
We’ve created a Monster and it is quite the beast. Concentrated jet flames in the palm of your hand. With an adjustable flame and extra large tank, this torch will keep you lit.
– Automatic Ignition
– Adjustable Flame
– Flame Lock /Safety Lock
– Ergon
Silicone Oil Divider
- Made From Platinum Cured Medical Grade Silicone
- 100% Non-Stick
- Stack-able with other Divider Pro Pucks sizes
- Heat and Cold Resistance, Shatter Proof, Air Tight Seal
Pelican Foam Insert
The foam set is an easy do-it-yourself system for customizing the interior of your case. Layers of foam are pre-scored in tiny cubes. Simply lay your equipment on the foam, tape or chalk to mark the foam, and pluck away. Always allow at least one inch of
Pelican 1040
WATER RESISTANT CASE: Water Resistant (IP67), crushproof, and dustproof protection for your iPhone, cell phone, camera, GoPro or other portable electronics and valuables.
IP67 Certification = water resistant for 30 minutes when submerged at 3.3 feet
OCB Tray (med)
OCB Black Premium Tray

Rolling trays will help you keep things tidy and maximize your product.
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